Inverted Center Stamp Manama scouts 103v MNH i58
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                Inverted Center Stamp Manama scouts 103v MNH i58
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                Inverted Center Stamp Manama scouts 103v We offer The Best
                of the Stamp collecting
                true gem of Postal history

                Inverted Center Stamp

                Michel Block 103v, Sellinger 1, MNH.
                1971 Baden-Powell
                portrait by David Jagger,
                20r Souvenir Sheet
                with gold leaf stamp inverted
                According to Sellinger,
                less than 100 exist.

                Some stamps used to require a second or third manual feed through the printing press after changing the ink in the press. When the sheet was accidentally fed upside-down for its second passage through the press, an inverted centre would result.
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