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                                Zanuso, Marco - (Furniture, Designer, Architect, Italy) Marco Zanuso is a Post World War II, Architect and Designer whose style is modern and functional. He loved to experiment with new materials and some of the creations he is known for are chairs with foam rubber upholstery, a plastic child's stacking chair and sheet metal furniture.

                                Zanzibar Chair - (Furniture) The Zanzibar chair was named for a prototype of a chair with a caned back and seat and scroll arms from the island off the East coast of Africa. They were made in seaport towns in Massachusetts, namely Boston and Salem.

                                Zapf, Otto - (Furniture, Designer, German) Otto Zapf is a contemporary furniture and lighting designer, he is known for his office system designs for Knoll Furniture.

                                Zebrawood - (Wood) Zebrawood was first imported from Guiana during the late eighteenth century. The wood is light brown with prominent dark brown stripes and it is hard and durable. Mostly used for veneers and cross-banding. Also known as zebrano.

                                Zelkova - (Wood, Japanese) Zelkova is a dark brown highly figured hardwood from Japan. Also known as Keyaki.

                                Zipper Cut - (Glass, Cut) the Zipper Cut are small and plain notches cut into the glass, the pattern they form resembles the teeth of a zipper, as on the fluted neck of this cruet.

                                Zoomorphic - (Furniture) a design used in the representation of animal form in decorative arts or furniture. The form can be a whole animal, parts of an animal or parts of different animals or fish put together. Popular in Neo-Classical Styles.

                                Zucchi, Antonio Pietro - (Artist, Fine Art) Antonio Pietro Zucchi (1726-95) Venetian painter who accompanied Robert Adam (Architect) his Italian tour and worked for him in England at Kenwood, Syon, etc. He was also the second husband of Angelica Kauffman (Artist).

                                Zurich Porcelain Factory - (Ceramics) Factory was founded at Schoren, near Zurich in 1763 with Adam Spengler as manager. Some of the best Zurich artists of the period took part in this undertaking. At first soft-paste, porcelain was made but by 1765, hard-paste wares were being produced. The porcelain factory, founded in 1763, lasted barely thirty years. The factory closed before the end of the century about the time of the French invasion, 1799, and specimens are rare. Sir Henry Angst, who resided in Zurich and formerly British Consul, made a very interesting collection of nearly 1000 specimens of this factory, which he presented to the national Museum at Zurich. The mark is the letter `z' in underglaze blue.
                                Its original productions were soft paste but few exist except in Swiss Museums. The color of the hard paste is rather green-grey or yellow and the painting, generally in landscape, is finely executed, but gilding is not much used. The mark under the glaze is either of a dark blackish blue or of a soft light blue color, sometimes it is found incised or impressed. Imitations, of which there are many, have white paste, carelessly finished decoration and a bright blue mark. These are made at German factories and sold to travelers in Swiss towns, and collectors should beware of them.
                                Pottery was also made at Zurich, and there are some specimens in the Sevres Museum, which were presented by the director of the works. The mark was a Z similar to that on Zurich porcelain. Some marks books show this in combination with the letter B.
                                There has been an archaeological excavation carried out on the site of the first porcelain factory in Switzerland by Kantonsarchäologie Zürich from February to June 2003. They recovered the buildings of the factory, four kilns (19th century), kiln furniture (18th and 19th century), and large assemblages of biscuit, porcelain, faience, and stoneware shards (18th and 19th century). In the 18th century, tableware and tea and coffee vessels with flower decoration of Chinese-style were manufactured. Figures and richly decorated vessels, well known from collections, were rarely found during the excavation. At the beginning of the 19th century, the production was reduced to fayence, a ware with lower production costs than porcelain.
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