Antique Art Deco 30s pink glass dressing table set 4
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                Antique Art Deco 30s pink glass dressing table set 4
                Sale price: £30.00  available 1

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                Antique Art Deco 30s pink glass dressing table set 4


                BRITISH Antique
                Art Deco
                PINK / ORANGE GLASS
                dressing table set of 4

                Some age wear and small bite on trinket top rim , otherwise GOOD CONDITION

                Trinket box approx. 9 centimeters height and 10 centimeters in diameter at the widest
                Two candle holders approx. 4 centimeters height and 7 centimeters at the widest
                Tray approx. 27 centimeters long and 18 centimeters at the widest
                HEAVY 1.5 kilos unpacked (heavy weight reflected in the shipping cost)

                Due to heavy weight his item may be send in 2 separate packages outside the UK

                Vinyl record in the pictures not included and displayed for size comparing only

                Art Deco is an art and design movement that started in the mid 1920’s (Paris Exhibition of 1925) and carried on through the 1940’s. The Art Deco movement began as a modern follow up to the ART NOUVEAU era and was thought to be a glamorous and modern time brought about after the oppression of World War I. The emergence of jazz music and flappers in the 1920’s brought a new spirit to people, and with it, a taste of luxury.
                The Art Deco movement affected industrial design, interior design and architecture, as well as fashion, painting and the graphic arts which is evident in Art Deco antiques. The Art Deco movement was greatly influenced by other artistic movements including Cubism, Italian Futurism and Russian Constructivism. The opulent and lavish artistic style of Art Deco works were considered modern in the 1920's and 1930's. Art Deco pieces are often characterized by their use of materials such as stainless steel, lacquer, aluminum, inlaid pieces of wood and other exotic materials. The use of sweeping curves and bold stepped forms are common characteristics of the Art Deco movement and were considered the modern version of the previous ART NOUVEAU movement.

                A resurgence and revival of Art Deco came first in the 1960's and 70's.

                Then again in the 1980's Art Deco re-merged with a growing interest in graphic design.

                In recent years, the search for New Modern forms dictates the sharp resurgent in TIMELESS Art Deco popularity, and is again becoming the latest resort for all forms of modern functional art. Art Deco is becoming the choice for the NEW MILLENNIUM.

                The NEW WAVE of the AGE OF GLAMOUR is back again, let it ride together!

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