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                                Antiques and Collectables from England

                                Three Great Shops working together to offer MORE & GREATER CHOICES FOR YOU

                        is a part of  Antiques are Green  movement

                                    Antiques Are Green  

                                Art Deco Shop

                                Dedicated to the 1930s Age of Glamour & Great Depression and all revival periods of that age. In recent years, the search for New Modern forms dictates the sharp resurgent in TIMELESS ART DECO popularity, and is again becoming the latest resort for all forms of modern functional art.

                                The Antique Trade

                                Your shop for BRITISH and EUROPEAN Antiques, Collectibles, Pottery, Ceramics, Porcelain, Glass, Metal ware, Bronze, Brass, Silverware, Silver and Silver Plated, Wooden ware, Figurines, Art, Medals & Coins. A store where you can find a wide range of collectibles.

                                Vintage Jewellery Shop

                                Your best shop for BRITISH and EUROPEAN Jewellery  including Antique Jewellery, Vintage Jewellery, Hand made Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Designer Jewellery or just Unique Jewellery. Shop with a large Gemstone selection for Jewellery designer or Gemstone collector.

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                                Levenshulme Antiques Village
                                965 Stockport Road
                                Manchester, M19 3NP
                                United Kingdom


                                Ph.: (44) (0)843 289 2446

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